Best Router for VPN Home Network in 2017

Regardless of whether or not you are looking for a brand-new wireless router to set up a new home network or if you’re looking to upgrade an existing network, this piece of hardware is ALWAYS the backbone of your wireless set up – which is exactly why you need to be 100% satisfied you’ve invested

Sinus 1054 DSL

Rating Discuss Stability: 2 Comfort: 3 Quality: 3 Overall: 3 Manufacturer: T-Com Features Builtin WLAN-Accesspoint (802.11b/g) 2 antennas WEP/WPA supported UPnP DynDNS DHCP with custom address-range 1 RJ45 port Firewall (SPI and Anti DoS) WebInterface is in german 5 status LEDs (Power, DSL status, Online/Offline, LAN activity, WLAN activity) Problems WebInterface runs in a popup Some devices are delivered with firmware 2.4, but there